Chung-Yi Tse

Associate Professor

HKU Business School

University of Hong Kong

Pokfulam Road

Hong Kong


tel: (+852) 2859-1035

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Research in Spatial Economics

Clustering in space


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Some of my papers


Inter-Dealer trades in OTC markets - Who Buys and Who Sells? (with Yujing Xu), Review of Economic Dynamics, forthcoming

Online Appendix


Flipping in the Housing Market (with Charles Leung), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 76 (2017), 232-263

Technical note for extensions and robustness

Technical note for the dynamics


The Spatial Origin of Commerce, International Economic Review 52 (2011), 349-377


Thick Market Externalities in a Spatial Model, Regional Science and Urban Economics 40 (2010), 92-105


Entry and Exit Echoes (with Boyan Jovanovic), Review of Economic Dynamics 13 (2010), 514-536, a previous version was entitled Creative Destruction in Industries


Diffusion with variable production lead times, Journal of Economics 93 (2008), 177-202


Learning investment and industrial diversity in urban growth, Review of Economic Dynamics 11 (2008), 413-433


Estimating Liquidity Effects in the Housing Market (with Hon-Ho Kwok)


Why do agglomeration economies not raise employment?


Quality Competition in Sequential Trade Equilibrium


Long versions for:

New product introduction with costly search, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 30 (2006), 2775-2792


Unemployment and Vacancy in the Hong Kong Labor Market (with Charles Leung and Weslie Chan), Applied Economics Letters 9 (2002), 221-229


Increasing Wealth and Increasing Instability - the Role of Collateral (with Charles Leung), Review of International Economics 10 (2002), 45-52