Chung-Yi Tse

Associate Professor

Faculty of Business and Economics

University of Hong Kong

Pokfulam Road

Hong Kong


tel: (+852) 2859-1035

fax: (+852) 2548-1152



Research in Spatial Economics

Clustering in space


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Some of my papers


Inter-dealer trades in OTC market Who Buys and Who Sells? (with Yujing Xu)


Flipping in the Housing Market (with Charles Leung), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 76 (2017), 232-263

Technical note for extensions and robustness

    Technical note for the dynamics


The Spatial Origin of Commerce, International Economic Review 52 (2011), 349-377


Thick Market Externalities in a Spatial Model, Regional Science and Urban Economics 40 (2010), 92-105


Entry and Exit Echoes (with Boyan Jovanovic), Review of Economic Dynamics 13 (2010), 514-536, a previous version was entitled Creative Destruction in Industries


Diffusion with variable production lead times, Journal of Economics 93 (2008), 177-202


Learning investment and industrial diversity in urban growth, Review of Economic Dynamics 11 (2008), 413-433


Estimating Liquidity Effects in the Housing Market (with Hon-Ho Kwok)


Why do agglomeration economies not raise employment?


Quality Competition in Sequential Trade Equilibrium


Long versions for:

New product introduction with costly search, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 30 (2006), 2775-2792


Unemployment and Vacancy in the Hong Kong Labor Market (with Charles Leung and Weslie Chan), Applied Economics Letters 9 (2002), 221-229


Increasing Wealth and Increasing Instability the Role of Collateral (with Charles Leung), Review of International Economics 10 (2002), 45-52